Website Maintenance

Are you too busy to update your website? Don't know how? Take a deep breath and let RainDrop manage it for you.

Why keep your website updated?

Having an out of date website just looks plain bad, how much confidence is a visitor to your website going to have in your business if your latest news is from 2 years ago?

It's vitally important to keep your website up to date - for both visitors and search engines.

If a customer visits your website and your latest news is years old then they will obviously ask themselves if your business is still alive... plus if a business cannot be bothered to keep their website updated then it gives a general "can't be bothered" vibe.

Search engines like Google also love to see fresh content on a website - stale websites seem "abandoned" and Google will over time start to demote websites it considers no longer relevant.

Maintenance Plans

From small / infrequent updates to more regular work - we have you covered

Lite Plan

Small monthly update

£25/ Month

Includes 1 hour of work per month, ideal for adding latest news to a blog or updating a single page with new content.

Medium Plan

More frequent updates

£50/ Month

Includes 2 hours of work per month, this can be a more complex update or split to provide more regular smaller updates

Busy Bee Plan

Update, Update, Update!

£200/ Month

Includes 8 hours of work per month, ideal for busy businesses with a lot of updates. Work can be split over the month as required.